Game “Blocksworld repopulated!” is now in testing

At the time we try to study the reaction of the euglenas to the different light configurations. (more…)


The Biogames Website is created as a platform for online gaming, combining the digital and the biological world. Through our respective game settings we enable players to interact in real time with living microorganisms. (more…)


The idea that art is creating not a static object but a real time process for encounter is a prominent topic at least since the 1960’s of the previous century. What was a distinguishing feature of early interactive, kinetic and cybernetic art at that time, with the advent of the computer soon became a specific trait for what until this day falls under the fuzzy umbrella term of new media art. More…


Today we still tend to think about nature in the broader terms of Darwinism. In the picture of a survival of the fittest, the selection of the best specimen that we naively identify with our behavior in society and the general workings of our economy. However from the point of modern biology this picture is not sustainable. This comes along a paradigm shift that is shaping the way to think about the relation of man and nature quite differently. More…

Blocksworld repopulated!

The BioGame ‘Blocksworld repopulated!’ gives you the opportunity to plunge into a labyrinth populated by microorganisms that you can interact with.


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