The BioGame ‘Blocksworld repopulated!’ gives you the opportunity to plunge into a labyrinth populated by microorganisms that you can interact with. Instead of encountering programmed entities in ‘Blocksworld repopulated!’ you are playing with living Euglenas, uni-cellular organisms that are part plants and part animals.* The Euglenas are situated in a real world laboratory and their behavior is tracked by a computer program that translates their movement into the game in real time. While you are trying to find your way through a labyrinth of piled cubes the Euglenas are pushing and rearranging the cubes, constantly changing the labyrinth. When the Euglenas leave the game field they drop glowing items that you can collect. If you collect enough of these keys you can enter a new game setting. The euglenas are attracted by LED light sources in the laboratory setting that you can change by the game settings. Depending on how the euglenas move in front of the microscope they change the labyrinth. With different light settings you can learn about the movements of the euglenas and see how they react to the light. Their reaction is not easy predictable as they are flocking, floating and changing directions in their own environment. So the challenge is to encounter the euglenas in the game field by trying to better understand their behavior to manage the game.

* See: Wikipedia Euglena