Top view: Before you enter Blocksworld you see the world from above. The four white cubes/lights on each side are conceptually the four LED`s under the microscope setup. You can activate them by clicking on them and an OSC message is send (e.g. /LED/1 1). After changing the light setup, you can enter the world by pressing the button.

First person view: When you enter the world your objective is to collect keys (rainbow coloured spheres) dropped by the Euglena NPCs in order to activate the level gate and escape the maze. The maze consist of blocks, that are continuously rearranged by the Euglenas.

Navigation: you can navigate through the labyrinth by using the arrow keys on your keyboard. With the mouse you can change your perspective (to look around the labyrinth)

Keyboard Shortcuts
TAB: use tab key to switch between Top View and First Person View

Esc: use Esc key to restart game (generate new level)